Many young girls aged 19-20, who have not yet given birth, have an indescribable desire to have breast implants. This tendency is often prompted by the fact that even after puberty, some girls do not develop their breasts well enough and remain in this position – that is, they have not grown to the size that is considered normal for this age. Naturally, here we are talking about the purely psychological need of a young girl to look like her peers and increase her libido. It is generally not a practice, but if it is a conscious decision of the patient, plastic surgeons successfully perform augmentation mammoplasty.

Another common problem is the asymmetry of both breasts. Achieving harmony can be achieved by placing implants of different sizes in each breast, and sometimes this can be combined with the removal of excess skin from one of the breasts.

The cases listed above raise the question – at what age can implants be placed at the earliest and can a young girl then breastfeed normally?

According to all international standards of cosmetic surgery, the patient for implant placement must be an  adult  and wish to undergo this operation of her own free will. No, the experts are categorical. The placement of implants  does not interfere  with the process of breastfeeding in the future, because in any way they are placed, they do not interact with the mammary glands.

Let’s not forget that women are often driven by pure vanity. The natural desire of every woman to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Women often resort to this after childbirth, deformity of the breast after prolonged breastfeeding, sudden changes in weight or for correction after mastectomy. One thing is clear, silicone implants for breast augmentation have been placed for nearly 60 years and there is no evidence of harm to silicone, as long as it is high quality and approved by world health organizations.

Something interesting!

The first silicone breast implant was placed in 1962. by two American surgeons from Texas – Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin. Frank’s idea came to him as he gripped a plastic jar of blood that looked like a woman’s soft breasts. The first experiment with implants was performed on the puppy Esmeralda. He did not reject the implants, so the doctor and his team were afraid to perform the operation on the American Timmy Jay Lindsay, who accepted the experimental operation and woke up two hours later with a bigger bust. In 1963, the two scientists presented their technique at a conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgery in Washington. Today, on average, more than 300,000 breast implants are performed annually.

Here are some questions most ladies ask:

What are the implants, how are they placed, does it hurt?

Breast implant placement is an operation that must be performed by a plastic surgeon.

Why do this surgery at Esteworld Hospital?

Esteworld is one of the most modern clinics for cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Thanks to their experience and professionalism, Esteworld plastic surgeons stand out as one of the best mammoplastic surgeons in Turkey.

During the consultation, one of our surgeons will help you choose the type of implant – physiological or silicone, the one that best suits your needs and goals. They will advise you on the size, shape and type of implants that best suit your body’s characteristics to achieve the most natural result possible.

Usually two types of implants are used – round (retro version of the implants) and anatomical (teardrop-shaped). The latter are preferred as a trend due to their natural appearance.

There  are three types of silicone implants in relation to the location of the incision:

-axillary- armpit, used less frequently and mainly when placing round implants.

-periareolar- through an incision in the lower part of the areola. This method sometimes results in a lack of sensitivity in the nipple and areola area, which subsides over time.

-inframamarno- through an incision in the fold of the breast. It is often used, as the scar is discreet and hidden and over time it is almost invisible.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

Операцията отнема 1-2 ч. Като пациентите остават в клиниката през първите 24ч под наблюдение. Най-използваните методи за поставяне на импланти са два: надмускулно (под гърдата,между млечната жлеза и пекторалния мускул) и подмускулно(частично или изцяло под пекторалния мускул).

Болките през първия и втория ден се повлияват много добре от болкоуспокояващи, но все пак е желателно пациентът да има придружител с него през първите 48ч след операцията. Дискомфортът в следващите дни е много по-лек, като до 2 седмици и отокът и леките болки отшумяват. Новите гърди придобиват желания облик от 6-12 месеца. Препоръчва се да се носи специален стегнат сутиен през първите 3-4 седмици. Пациентите работещи в офис среда, могат да се върнат на работа след 3-4 дни, но трябва да се въздържат от тежки интензивни движения, шофиране, плуване и спорт  през първите месец, два.

Крие ли рискове операцията ?

По голяма част от процедурите по поставяне на импланти протичат без усложнения и пациентите се радват на резултатите дълги години. Въпреки това като при всяка операция и тази крие своите рискове- като кървене, инфекция, намалена чувствителност около зърното. Много рядко се наблюдава и се получава капсуларна контрактура- явление при което тялото не приема новия елемент (импланта) и създава фиброзна капсула около него, като естествена защита на организма. Това може да доведе до притискане на импланта, деформации и болки. По рядко се случва при употреба на импланти с физиологичен разтвор.

Имат ли годност имплантите ?

Breast implants are not lifelong devices and they, like any product, have some shelf life. The big companies, manufacturers of quality implants, guarantee a minimum term of 10 years, but with quality implants and problems that do not create problems, this term can be extended a little more.

In conclusion, we will say that the most common cosmetic surgery is the placement of breast implants, because vanity is a human quality and everyone deserves to be beautiful and happier than this fact.

And at  Esteworld  you will be in good hands. After all, this is the clinic that makes you smile…

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