The aesthetic flavors of the zodiac …

It is important to like ourselves when we look in the mirror and be in harmony with ourselves. No matter how much we have mastered this sense of self-knowledge and continuity, sometimes a few small aesthetic touches are not superfluous.
Aesthetics of the nose, Botox, hair transplantation, breast augmentation or more juicy lips … Whoever you like from the beauty store. Let’s take a look at the aesthetic staggers of each zodiac sign. You will not be surprised 😊

Aries: practical beauty

For the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries, who have strong leadership qualities and like to attract the attention of society, as well as lead a dynamic lifestyle, to look good is extremely important. For this reason, the facial area is important to them and interventions such as rhinoplasty, Botox, lip augmentation, especially in the facial area, are suitable for rams. Procedures such as PRP, lip fillers and Botox, which can be done without interruption from everyday life, called „aesthetics in the lunch break“, are among the most preferred aesthetic interventions of the Aries sign, because we are still talking about people with practical and social life.

Taurus: a mysterious aesthetic that comes with age

Calm and harmonious bodies that have expensive flavors and love luxury, resort to aesthetic touches rather in old age, as they are carriers of innate aesthetic appearance. The Secret Taurus can perform manipulations, such as Botox, face and neck lifting, if necessary. Because they like to pamper their palaces, calves are prone to one or another ring and may need surgery to remove fat and remove the abdomen.

Gemini: in pursuit of perfection …

No matter their age, Gemini always looks young. However, due to their perfectionist nature, they tend to have plastic surgery at any time of their lives, as they do not tolerate even the smallest defect. They can easily perform operations such as rhinoplasty, Botox, hair transplantation, lip augmentation, but also Brazilian ass, breast augmentation, fat removal, which will make their body look perfect. Their courage in aesthetics increases their already high self-esteem even more.

Cancer: always on the side of the natural

Sympathetic Cancer, who is pure-hearted, sensitive and attached to home, is among the zodiac signs that do not undergo plastic surgery unless they need it. However, because crabs love comfort and health, they will undergo rhinoplasty if they have difficulty breathing or will reduce their bust if it causes low back pain; hair transplantation or ear surgery if their self-esteem is impaired. They like natural beauty and can rarely resort to unnecessary aesthetics or unnecessary surgery.

Lions: the meeting of ostentation with nobility …

The zodiac sign Leo is a symbol of vanity, nobility and luxury. Lions love themselves and pay special attention to their appearance. Holders of outstanding leadership qualities, they attach great importance to the aesthetics of the face. Their face and body should reflect their strong personality and strengthen their self-confidence. Representatives of the zodiac sign Leo can make all kinds of interventions to look impressive, and among the most preferred are:
nose aesthetics, hair transplantation, lip augmentation, ear surgery and Botox.

Virgo: beauty is in the details

Virgos, who care more about their health than their beauty, are more inclined to medical aesthetic applications, such as ozone therapy, mesotherapy, PRP, radio frequency. However, if a pedantic Virgo, who is a perfectionist at heart, does not like a point on her body, she may become obsessed with it and undergo plastic surgery. Because they do not like to attract much attention in society, virgins can have interventions such as natural-looking rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and Botox, which are invisible to the naked eye and will keep it a secret.

Libra: embodied elegance

Libra, which attaches great importance to peace, harmony and beauty, immediately attracts attention with its grace, ruled by the planet Venus, named after the goddess of beauty. Libra favors naturalness and balanced beauty; The scales are open for all kinds of aesthetic surgeries, from rhinoplasty to Botox, from breast augmentation to lip augmentation, from lifting the buttocks to ear surgery. However, on one condition: to look natural … Libra is very demanding in terms of aesthetics and attaches great importance to beauty. Encouraged by their indecisive and perfect nature, they would do face and neck lifting, lip aesthetics, liposuction in old age.

Scorpio: a deadly beauty born of ashes

Scorpios are known to be reborn from the ashes, being in constant transformation throughout their lives, both spiritually and physically. Spiritual transformation is often accompanied by physical transformation. Apart from rhinoplasty, Botox, lip augmentation, Scorpio women who take care of their intimate life do not hesitate to undergo operations such as lifting the buttocks, breast augmentation, genital aesthetics. Usually these aesthetic changes are discreetly made without being advertised, and the aspiration is a natural result. In addition to Scorpio women, Scorpio men also have the desire and courage to undergo genital interventions.

Sagittarius: brave and handsome

Charming shooters who love fun and enjoyment also attach great importance to their appearance, as they like to attract attention in the environments they are in. Therefore, if they think that there is a defect in their appearance, they would undergo plastic surgery. There is no aesthetic intervention that they cannot do, from rhinoplasty to hair transplantation, from breast augmentation to ear surgery to look good. Not wanting abrupt and painful adjustments, they decided to start with small touches like Botox and make bolder aesthetic changes over time.
Capricorns: distant, natural and expressive

Serious, idealistic, hard-working and reliable representatives of the zodiac sign Capricorn care more about their health and vitality than beauty. Because they pay attention to nutrition and quality of life, they do not feel the need for cosmetic surgery until they reach old age. Some of them may prefer aesthetic touches such as Botox, PRP or mesotherapy during this period. Because they often have congenital problems with their teeth and jaw structure, they often undergo dental aesthetics. Capricorn, who analyzes everything in detail before making a decision, can say „yes“ to cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation or lifting the buttocks, if this makes him uncomfortable.

Aquarius: an innovative look at aesthetics

For Aquarius people who follow the trends and are open to innovation, it is not difficult to decide to have an aesthetic operation. They usually do not like the shape of their ears, so they may undergo otoplasty. Aquarius is often the first to make the most modern aesthetic procedures, because they are not afraid to try new things. Because they are a little hesitant, they can do breast augmentation surgery when big breasts are in fashion and remove silicone when small breasts are back in fashion. In short, it is really difficult to detect their speed in terms of aesthetic intervention.

Pisces: fragile and innocent beauty

For fish whose nature is innocent, childish and emotional, it is extremely difficult to decide on permanent changes in their lives. Even if they feel the need to undergo adjustments such as rhinoplasty, lip augmentation or hair transplantation, they would experience great fluctuations. Because they are emotional and fragile, the first condition to say yes to plastic surgery is to trust the doctor. The weak point of fish is usually their bones, especially the bones of the legs, and therefore would rather resort to orthopedic interventions and treatments. The emotional surges that often strike them make them overeat and have fluctuations in weight. This would prompt them for possible liposuction or abdominal wall stretching surgery.

                                                                         For sure, don’t ask the stars, but the Esteworld consultants 🙂

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